In this body of work, I unified the highly predictable nature of large format photography with the organic chaos of chemical reactions. In my series "Boys" I photographed five young males directly onto photo sensitive paper with a 4x5 camera. I used over 9,500 watts of power to compensate for the very low sensitivity of the medium. Finally, different graphic elements were added with paint, ink and raw chemicals to give a narrative for each scene.

My goal was to show the untold story of boys. There is such a predominant focus on women being effected by media but it plays on all genders. Boys are expected to be tough and macho. Yet we are all emotional creatures. 
In Spring of 2017, part of my series Boys was  exhibited at the Flower Gallery in Montreal as well as part of a group show called ''For the Sake of Analog'' at Ctrl Lab in Summer 2018.

20x26'' Enhanced Matte Paper.
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