Computer Generated mock advertisement made in 7 weeks for a class at NAD/UQAC University.​​​​​​​

Made by Patrick Custo-Blanch, Jean-Christophe Paquet, Vénus Grivegnée, Emon Barua and Junior Vigneault
Moodboard Calm vs Chaos
Storyboard Process
Patrick Custo-Blanch: Art Direction, Simulation, Shading, Lighting Rendering, Look Development, Editing, Compositing 
Jean-Christophe Paquet: Simulation, Shading, Lighting, Rendering 
Vénus Grivegnée: Simulation, Shading, Lighting, Modeling, Rendering 
Emon Barua: Music
Junior Vigneault: Sound effects 
Voice by Gabriella Papadakis

Made with SideFX Houdini, Redshift, Maya, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.

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